Matriculation and Credit Calculation

Matriculation in higher education (in case of application for basic and linear - or non-split –training forms)

Maximum credits attainable: 500 credits

It is calculated by the help of study credits (secondary school and secondary school leaving

examination results) (max. 200 credits), secondary school-leaving examination results (max. 200 credits) and extra credits attainable (e.g.: language knowledge, secondary school-leaving examination at advanced level, partiality) (max. 100 credits).


Useful information for those who undertake a job abroad

Nowadays a lot of young people consider having a job abroad so that after persistent and hard work they should be able to finance their studies in higher education or raise money to start an independent life or perhaps to purchase a flat of their own with the money they earned.

Below, I would like to revise shortly those important tasks one has to carry out in order to obtain healthcare insurance and to know the tax-related issues which can occur while working abroad.


Scholarship Opportunities

The choice of national scholarships and subsidies is very wide. With regard to these opportunities it is worth obtaining information in the higher educational institutions and on the scholarship browser of felvi.hu which can also provide further useful information.



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