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Secondary school training  was launched in 1963  within the frame of  Petőfi Sándor Vocational School of Economics.

The Secondary school became an independent institution on 1st January 1969. In the beginning three secondary-school classes were  formed with a very high number (50-55) of pupils, the number of classes however gradually decreased to two and one respectively.  This was one of the reasons why the county level education authorities decided to  guarantee  autonomy for the institution (see table nr 1). When   it obtained its independence, the school comprised six classes and had altogether nine teachers in its teaching staff. In the forthcoming period three parallel classes were launched each year.

Along with the quantitative changes,  improvement in quality in terms of standards  also was noticeable.

Changes regarding the content and the structure of the secondary-school:

In the beginning teaching followed the general national curricula.

In the school year 1970-1971 special language curriculum was introduced which entailed higher number of language classes per week. First Russian language and  later, from 1986 onwards German was also  taught in this system. In school-year 1999-2000 one class specialized in  German  gave its place to a class specialized in English.

In the school year 1991-1992 the first eight-year secondary-school training was launched. The first generation of pupils educated in the eight-year system took the school leaving exam in 1999.

Since 1998-1999 school-year the secondary-school operates 16 day-school classes with an average of  450-500 number of pupils.

In order to increase the opportunities on the job market of  those pupils who do not continue their studies in higher education, we organized special classes in more market-oriented fields:

( e.g. shorthand and typing, basics in education, basics in information technology, and adult education) .

In the school-year 1998-1999 in cooperation  with the Border Guard Board of Nyírbátor we established a special class offering  a specialization in public security, which later, in 2003-2004  turned into a special  training of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In the school-year 2005 preparatory years in German and English languages were established.

In 2008 a specialization in natural sciences was launched.

Along with the day-school  education, in 1964, correspondent education was also introduced in the following  forms:
- since 1964   secondary education,
- since 1977 besides secondary education vocational education,
- since 1984 only vocational education,
- since 2001 part-time education and correspondent secondary education,
- since 2004 only part-time education for adults,
- since  2008 permission was granted by the educational authorities to establish an affiliated part-time education in a neighbouring village of  Pátyod.

Since its establishment the school has achieved higher and higher standards in quality. 

The school has been achieving more and more significant results since its foundation, in the following fields :

We have continuously improved the  entrance exam results of our graduate  students. 60-70% of our graduated students have applied for acceptance in higher education, 50-80% of whom have actually been accepted. 

Several of our ex-students were accepted  into renowned  universities (in the former Soviet Union and the GDR).

Our students have had excellent results in inter-school competitions, particularly in the following domains:

- National Inter-school Competitions for Secondary Schools (OKTV)
- competitions organised by the Agricultural Museum
- contests in history (Our heritage:’48, Kossuth and National Defence, In Search of the Kuruc, Batthyányi Memorial Contest)
- Natural Sciences Competition 
- Chemistry Competitions
- Bod Péter Contest on Books and Using Libraries
- Regional Academic and Sport Competitions for 8-year-Secondary Schools

High standard foreign language teaching (first Russian, later German and English):

- more and more students are accepted to higher education institutions
- several students  were eligible based on their merits to participate in language camps in Hungary and abroad
- students participated in regional and national competitions with good results
- a good number of students obtained intermediate level language certificates and in recent years even upper intermediate ones

We have also achieved significant results in civilisation and sports: several of our students have received  national certificates of merit:

- fruitful participation in contests (Guards of our Inheritance –outstanding results) 
- Students’ Days  in Sárospatak, choir placement contests, Esze Days in Mátészalka, etc.

In sports:

we are the best at football and volleyball
versatile mass sports events
participation in municipal sport events
notable achievements in the regional contests of 8-year-seconadry schools

The high number of students awarded with  Zalka and Deék-prize  shows that a lot of talented young people have graduated from our school. A great number of well-prepared students have  become  noted journalists, bankers, architects, university lecturers, doctors, lawyers, agrarian experts, army officers and in the largest number, teachers. 

Most of the specialists of the town and of its agglomeration used to be Deák students, and also, many of the  leaders of the town and area  graduated from our school

Although the final goal of adult education is usually to help students pass the final exam, a few of our adult students have also continued their studies in higher education and became   teachers, journalists, lawyers, etc.

In the second half of the school year 2002/2003 the staff of the school initiated a change in the sustentative institution. As a result, since 1st August 2003 on basis of an act of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County’s general assembly, our school belongs to the county. Since 1st January, 2004 our financial managing authority is also the county.

On 17th October 2003, our school was renamed after Ferenc Deák. Our aim was to name our institution after a historic person, whose life and work can serve  as an example for the young people, both from a political and a moral point of view. Deák, as an outstanding figure of the reform period, was the right person. Another motivation for this choice was that we celebrated the 200th anniversary  of his birth on 17th October. Also, we wanted a name that has not yet been used for other institutions in the county. 

Although Deák’s work cannot be directly linked to the county, in his parliamentary contributions (concerning voluntary free simple) he acknowledged the farm models created by Slovakian settlers (later Tirpáks), showing them as an example for the peasants, concerning their will to act, and their hard work. 

Based on the  academic achievements it might not seem exaggerating to say that Ferenc Deák Secondary Grammar School is one of the most important intellectual workshops of the region, which has given a great number of well-educated people to the country. 

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