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In the history of our educational institution the past 25 years have been rich in events, success, accomplishments and changes. During this period our traditions have also been created. Several generations of students have graduated from the school, and a lot of our ex-students’ children currently attend our institute.

Or school was established with the aim of training engineers and traffic managers for the railway system. The trainings launched and operated by the school were successful for a long time, the students leaving our institution were competitive on the labour market. Many of them were also able to continue their studies in higher education. Students from the department of railway traffic often scored high  on the National Professional Study Competitions. 

After the collapse of the communist regime and the switch towards free market economy, the Hungarian State Railways experienced a critical financial crisis. The demand for qualified labour force was significantly reduced, so instead   of developing our trainings further, the school was compelled to change its profile. Rail traffic training was replaced by general public transport training by which our students acquire much broader and more diverse knowledge. During their studies they get acquainted with the main transport specialist areas, for instance economics, tourism, freight law, entrepreneurial and marketing skills, customs studies etc. In this department the fifth generation of students have started their training currently. Good academic achievements and the high-quality work of our applicants show the exactness of our decision about the change of training.  Several years ago railway engineering training was replaced by general mechanical and machine maintenance training. The continuous decline of the labour market forced us to modify in this field of training too, due to the fact that the interest of the students regarding this training gradually diminished as our graduates  were not able to find suitable jobs. Thus the decision was taken to  launch secondary school classes, which was a great demand  from the part of both the inhabitants of  the town and its region. This form of education   is currently achieving more and more popularity, in this academic year the second generation is to graduate from the school. Our pupils study traditional subjects, the compulsory foreign languages being English and German. Students interested in IT skills can learn it at an advanced level. The certificate of computer operator at basic level  can  be acquired and  also the  software operator certificate at intermediate level can be obtained.   

Graduated secondary school students can continue with an additional training,  in the present this being in  railway operations. It is among our plans  to launch the training of customs administrators and couriers from September this year.

At present the school has 9 classes of 5 grades full time, the number of students is 287. All the subjects are taught by qualified staff. Students come to our school from all over the country, but the majority of them are from our region. We are able to accept 150 people in our well-equipped student hostel, thus we can ensure the housing of every applicant. Both our school and  student hostel offer various additional courses, leisure and sport activities for the self-improvement of the students. 

Our institute was recently named after a well-known Hungarian figure of transportation science: Kálmán Kandó indicating the trust we have in our school’s future and the durability of our chosen profile. 

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