KOSZISZ Szent István Secondary School and Vocational School

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The institution opened its gates in 1961 with only one class consisting of 41 pupils. The trainings offered were enlarged with agricultural vocational trainings specialized in horticulture and tree-nursery treatment.

The school, which already consisted of 7 secondary-school classes and 2 vocational classes, moved into a new building in 1965. In 1969 evening education was launched for adults.

In 1972 the agricultural vocational training gave way to textile vocational training. Between 1981 and 1988 ordinary secondary school education ceased to operate, but the vocational education was extended instead. A workshop was established to serve the needs of the vocational training and the specialization in thread production and weaving was launched, which, later, in 1992 was expanded with the vocational education specialized in clothes production. However, the evening education stopped its operation in 1989, the training of skilled workers was terminated in 1994, the textile specialization in 1996, respectively. The training in clothes-production specialization continued and formed the base of a higher level training ensuring the qualification of a technician since the year 1997.

In 2001, in the frame of secondary education, classes specialized in sciences and humanities started their operation. In the following year secondary-school training for adults and skilled worker training in clothes industry in day-school form were launched.

Besides ordinary secondary education, from the school-year 2009-2010 skilled worker training was reintroduced in the specialization of bakery and confectionary and parallel with this the training of qualified technicians was stopped. In the school-year 2009-2010 besides the classes specialized in information technology, classes specialized in educational and social services were also introduced to widen the choices offered by the institution. These trainings form basis of specialist in information technology, pedagogy assistant and social assistant trainings on a post-secondary-school level.

In the school-year 2011-2012 a home-affair and police specialization was also introduced.

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