County Institute for Public Education and Training of Szabolcs-Szatmár Bereg County

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The Institute was founded by the County Council of Szabolcs-Szatmár Bereg County in 1985. At the time of its foundation its initial task was to supply professional services in the field of pedagogy. In accordance with the increase of tasks and workload, the structure, the operational management and financial rules of the institute were modified several times. Today the institute operates independently based on the articles of incorporation approved by the Committee in charge of the County Council of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County. The areas of activity, the organizational and operational rules are also approved by the committee in charge. In the course of planning its work the institute takes into consideration the current national, regional or local tasks emerging in public education, vocational education, adult education and cultural life. The County Institute for Public Education and Training while carrying out its professional activity it is in permanent contact with the institutes of public education, vocational education, adult education, artistic education and also with their sustaining authorities.

Core Activity

Pedagogical Services

  • further education, career guidance
  • publishing of a county career guidance brochure
  • career orientation and career-correction guidance
  • professional committee examining learning abilities and rehabilitation

 Activities related to pedagogical profession

  • pedagogical assessment
  • professional guidance
  • pedagogical information
  • administrative and pedagogical services
  • the assistance and organization of teacher training, in-service training, further training and self-education.
  • organization and coordination of study competitions and talent management
  • the operation of an information and guidance centre for pupils
  • the operation of a teacher substitution system on county level

Professional Trainings and Services

  • The organization of trainings and further trainings for those involved in organizing elections and referenda
  • The organization of trainings and further trainings of social workers, professionals working in public education and health services
  • Organization and coordination of trainings and further trainings of the clerks of county the self-government offices, members of the county governments and the members of the committees of the county governments
  • Organization and coordination of conferences, meetings and other events related to the activities of the self-governments
  • Cooperation in organizing the recreational activities of the members of the self-governments, county councils and the committees of the county councils
  • Based on the decision of the managing authorities it can operate a practise school, and basic school specialized in arts.
  • Building and running a regional information system


 Professional guidance and cultural services

  • Enhances the activity of the self-governments, the national and ethnic minority self-governments and cultural organizations operating in the region in achieving their cultural targets
  • Cooperates with the Hungarian Cultural Institute and with the national professional advocacy organizations
  • Produces and implements analysis and development programs in the field of public culture
  • Organizes cultural events on national, international and regional levels, maintains cultural contacts on national, international, regional and county levels
  • Collects and compiles cultural information and builds and up-do-dates a county database
  • Enhances the popularization of the cultural assets of the region by popularizing them in various forms
  • Organizes the professional training and further training of the cultural managers and leaders in the region

Complementary core activities

  • Adult education
  • Services in adult education
  • Distance education
  • Development, publishing and marketing of text books, teaching tools and materials
  • Pedagogical assessment ordered by the self-governments and institutions in the region
  • Professional supervision required by the managing authorities or by the institution directors
  • Conference organization
  • Organization of trainings and cultural events in the country and abroad
  • Project services
  • Holidays and camps for children
  • Organization of accomodation and catering services for core and complementary activities
  • Assessment of the activities of cultural institutions, professional supervision based on the requirement of the managing authorities or the director of the institution

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