Amorous game walkthrough

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To all of you who's been skipping text for whatever reasons. You can explore other options, but these give you the date quick and easy as well. Game Guides. A quick walkthrough on how to date Mercy. Lex Alexia, Alex Dating Path. Remy Dating Path. Intro To all of you who's been skipping text for whatever reasons. Bio Mercy is a woman with surprise. Likes: teasing. She is an art gallery manager, and a partial artist. Dancing is a big deal to her. She is very proud of her dresses. Act 1 Take a seat beside her. Maybe a conversation will start.

Keep talking. Compliment her.

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Flirt submissively. Ask her to choose. Cherry Daiquiri is fine. Flirt forwardly. Admit your attraction.

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Take the card. Act 2 Explain what happened. Ask about that second date.

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It's not an act Best to stick with Mercy. You don't get to slip your own art into the exhibits? Of course! Whatever you're comfortable with. Console her. Kiss her. Act 3 Get things set up at the restaurant. This is fine, I can handle it. Vineward cerdolo. Make plans for later. Admit feelings.

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Act 4 Woah. I'll be here, no matter what. Introduce myself. Mercy is one of the most interesting people I know. I'm in love with her.

Amorous game walkthrough

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