Bulmas adventure game

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Bulma Adventure 3 Free Download, this is the third installment of the game where you will play as Bulma to continue your journey through the vast lands. The game was ly available on PC only but now it has been ported to Android so you can install the APK and play it for free.

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You will go through various quests, and stories to help Bulma get her revenge from the plant. There is a good storyline with the game that you will play and enjoy making bulmas adventure game that will take new turns on each episode. If you have played their first 2 installments, you will have the continuation of the story in the third one now. Bulma arrives on the mysterious island to find the dragon balls, but there are enemies on the island who will try to capture you.

How will you protect yourself from them and get the ball? You will have to help Bulma get out of there or will you let her stay there for your own benefit? The game has many story scenes that you will have to complete. This is the first installment of the game and there are 2 more already out that I will post here, you will play the first part and finish it and continue to the next one.

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This one is only for Windows, however, the 3rd one is available for Android devices. Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds. About Bulma Adventure 3 Free Download.

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System Requirements. Recommended :. Game Details.

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Bulmas adventure game

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