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The kinkiest newsletter on the planet! Get weekly s deed to make your marriage happier, kinkier, and more fun! As I have written about before, a cuckold marriage is the best kind of marriage! In general, I prefer the cuck be present when his wife is fucking another guy. Does your husband also travel a lot for work?

Well, invite your lover over for a fun night! Maybe get some pizza or Chinese take out. When the big moment comes, turn on skype on your computer and let your husband watch in as you two have sex! Bring your husband home some creampie panties. After your bull cums in you, put on your panties before it drips out. Then, come home and have your cuck husband clean it all up! That is one humiliating way to start the morning!

Cuck games is one game I love to play with my husband. After you go out on a date with a potential lover, have your husband eat you out.

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Describe how horny you were and what you wanted to do to your lover. Cuck games your husband in chastity for a few weeks. Then, have your bull cum on the key and put it in the freezer in an ice cube tray. Does your husband have a big foot fetish? Mine does…well for female feet. This one is really kinky. I love homemade and amateur sex videos.

Maybe have your husband cum in chastity while watching the video. Tell him how good it felt to be fucked by a real man! This is a really funny game to play if you are interested in pain! Put a dog shock collar on your cuckold husband. You cuck games control the vibrations through the remote. There are a lot of ways to use that orgasm count to torment your husband. Licking up a creampie is one of the most intimate things you can do in a cuckold marriage.

Have your bull make a big mess inside you. Then have your bull clean it all up. Make sure he gets every single last drop! He will love you for this! One way to humiliate your husband is to have him buy some gifts for your bull. What is important is his servitude and doing his best to serve a superior man.

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This is a great way to tease your husband while also making him useful. Invite your bull over for some hot afternoon sex. Tired of going out and spending a night on the town? Stay in and cook instead! Dress your man up in a sexy french maid sissy outfit and have him cook a full course for you and your bull. There are a ton of fun cuckold sex positions for cuck games cuck to watch you and your bull make love to each other. A night in is good once in a while. However, a night out can be even more fun! No more Uber; you have a sober driver on hand!

Be sure to lock him in chastity before sending him out! He has a tongue for a reason! Lock him in chastity cuck games have him get you nice and wet before a real man fucks you. In fact, it is a core cuckold duty! Buy a really big dildo…like this one and make him train on it. Your husband should learn to be a good cock sucking sissy! I firmly believe that all cuckolds should be locked in chastity. It makes them easier to control and more obedient. However, you still need to let him cum once in a while. You can give him an orgasm in chastity without actually letting him out!

Give your cuck a prostate orgasm with the Cuck Heaven. Have hubby eat your ass while your bull fucks you. Or you can have him lick your pussy while your bull is fucking you. As you can see…there are a ton of cuckold games fit for the cuckold marriage. These games are very kinky and MUCH better than ordinary sex. This is a really fun one. He might even be in chastity! In my opinion, the best rule is the husband has limited sexual intercourse with his wife.

This turns the bedroom into a servitude of sorts.

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I love chastity! Trust me, your pussy will be dripping wet! However, if you do have one, taking a nice vacation together is always a lot of fun. Vacations are a nice way to get away and really get down and dirty with the cuckoldry fetish. A cuckold husband should be obedient and polite at all times. Part of this requires addressing you and your bull correctly! Home — MyFemdomRules New? Start Here! Blog Femdom Games Cuckolding Captions.

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Cuck games

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