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I experienced the frankly baffling force of this fury on plenty of occasions, but never more than when I published an article on jaunty Kotaku tribute site Rock Paper Shotgun. They continue, mocking the ly louder, more prevalent attitude. All ages, all possible needs.

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We want you to have fun, to laugh, to experience a story that affects you. On whatever terms you want. Of course, both sets of tweets have been met with all manner of fury. Any objection to the notion that completing games by any means is acceptable can only be rooted in a desire to exclude others. Just a picosecond of thought gets any reasonable human being to the point of recognizing that not all people playing games might be as able-bodied as they are.

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The only reason for gatekeeping gaming via this intransigent attitude toward difficulty is to protect the most fragile of egos, that are only propped up by the belief that gaming skill affords the individual superiority over others. The lack of perspicacity to realize this, while so feverishly raging about it in public, is utterly peculiar.

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Anyhow, the good news is Psychonauts 2 will come with an option to make yourself invincible, in case you reach a level or bossfight that proves too tricky for you to get past. Update p.

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Some of us are old now. And folks can snicker, but their day will come.

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And the one after that, and the one after that. The A. By John Walker. Screenshot: Double Fine. Opinion Commentary.

Fuck me games

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