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We are a globally distributed, award winning team of artists, technologists and company builders with a mission to create incredible shared gaming moments. We believe gamers are gamers on every device and deserve to play together in beautiful, responsive and deep AAA experiences, whichever their native platform or control mechanism.

Together, we are on a quest to build the very best home for the most talented game makers around the world, passionate about breaking creative and technical boundaries in the industry. We express our passion for the craft through standout visuals, deeply compelling gameplay and spellbinding worlds. We develop approaches to controls, technology, and systems that allow us to rapidly extend our mobile-first des to any platform. Whether you enjoy playing on touch, controller, or mouse-and-keyboard, our games are built for you. Catalyst Black is a next generation mobile battleground shooter.

Catalyst Black builds on everything we learned in Vainglory, and combines beautiful, large scale, PvEvP gameplay with fluid combat and a deep loadout based progression model. We love where this game is heading. us to test it out in early access. Vainglory was the very first mobile MOBA. Played and watched by millions over the years, Vainglory was originally featured by Apple in the keynote, and later launched on Android game evil inc ultimately PC as the first cross platform MOBA, Vainglory features deep strategic 25min battles or 5min brawl modes. Vainglory was in converted to a community edition — an entirely free version of the game available on iOS and Android.

We invest in our own game engine technology to enable us to push the artistic, technical, and creative boundaries of multiplayer gaming on every game-capable device.

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The E. Add to this an ever-growing array of authoring tools and frameworks for gameplay, UI, and other features. Investing in our own engine requires a lot of time, care, and the constant management of tradeoffs. For us, the ability to break boundaries and build experiences that no tech can currently create, makes it all worth it. We believe that the more diverse our team is across gender, culture, geography, and gaming tastes, the stronger we are. We thrive on feedback, and the broader our perspectives, the better global gaming experiences we can create.

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We live every day to push the artistic, technical and creative boundaries of gaming of every gaming capable device on the planet. We work hard to become a little bit better at what we do and how we do it every day, always challenging the status quo. With no game evil inc HQ, we are intentional about our processes, technology, operations and culture, to make it feel equally productive, inclusive and fun to be part of the team regardless of location.

Do you love being part of an international team, building deeply engaging and technically outstanding multiplayer games? Do you constantly seek mastery and push the boundaries of your craft? Do you get things done, all while embracing the opportunities and constraints of new platforms, new business models, and a games industry in flux? If so, you could be one of us. We aspire to make games that manifest incredible play and watch moments. We love working together with content creators big and small.

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If you are interested in working with us to create awesome content for the community, check out our content creator programor if you have an idea you want to talk about. Catalyst Black.

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Game evil inc

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