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It could be hard to tell what yiffalicious. First of all, in the window-name, you will see that this is a place dedicated to furry porn, but honestly, just by looking at their home, you will immediately be aware of that fact since they show a lot of naughty shit from the very beginning.

The first thing you should know is that this is not a porn site per say, but it does offer VR pornography featuring 3D furries, and those who do not know what furries are have a lot to learn. Basically, there is a group of people who think that animals are hot, and not really animals, but human-like animals, with curves, tits and all of that.

If this is the first time you are hearing this, I understand how it might sound a bit weird, but honestly, I see why they find it hot. We all have our own dirty desires when it comes to pornography, which should be fairly obvious seeing that there are so many different out there. Free 3D sex game with furries Now that you have learned what furries are, you should know if this is a game that would get you interested or not. I really liked the graphics and the overall de of characters, but I must say that there were a couple of questionable things as well.

First, let us go over how the game looks and what you can expect from it, and then I will tell you all games like yiffalicious bad shit. The game is very detailed, but then again, I am not really sure if all those details are necessary… they could have made a good game even without so many details. For you to see any of this, you will have to download the game yourself, and you can download it through your browser or torrent. The game is free, but they do ask for you to support them on Patreon.

Honestly, if you like the game, that is exactly what you should do, since if they were nice enough to give you the game for free, then you should be nice enough to give games like yiffalicious some credit. However, you are not obligated to, which is a nice option, since you might not even like the game in the end. This all depends on whether you are into furries or not, since I doubt people who do not like that category will enjoy this shit.

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Great features and customization When you scroll down, you will have a lot of information listed, and I am sure that you will be able to learn what this place is all about. However, they say that they offer an engine that allows you to freely interact, but that is not entirely true. I am sure that is what they wanted to create, but the end result is not quite there.

However, their details are quite nice, and I am sure you will be able to appreciate that shit. If you really want to know how the game looks like, just skip a couple of my paragraphs and watch their tutorial, since I shall now explain how I experienced the game, and that is all shown in the trailer as well. But, everything in the trailer is pre-alpha, meaning it was not completely finished, which indicates that their current shit should look different. From the very beginning, you will be given two characters in action, and you can change the characters, as well as the scenario to suit your liking.

For example, I was given a Horse and a Bunny, but I switched the Bunny for a Giraffe… I know how weird that fucking sounds, but at the same time, I think that we games like yiffalicious all gotten used to the fact that people like furry porn. You will be given many options right from the start, aka menu, stop, select pose and other shit. In the menu tab, you will have all the important crap listed, which is why that is the first tab you should list unless you like what you see, then just wank one out from the very beginning.

For those who like what they see, you should click on the side and choose what games like yiffalicious characters should be doing. Again, in my case, I got an option to choose what the Horse will be doing, how he will thrust, with what speed I could choose if I want to watch the video in POV, see the ass wave or whatever the fuck. As I said, they do have a lot of options. The same shit applies to the Bunny, and I hope by now you realized that the Bunny was the female in this relationship.

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Now, this is where shit gets real, because they have even more options than I anticipated. Start by choosing your prop, or imaging the nasty shit in your head, as that will make it much easier for you to create a scene. Once you have chosen your prop, you can start creating. I wanted to make the bunny bend over the table and get fucked by the Horse, so I select the Bunny first. You will be given the option to change every aspect of her stance, which was very nice as that gave me the freedom to position her, however, the fuck I wanted.

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From the props to the detailed poses, and even the sounds of fucking. You can change every little detail, which is very awesome, but it is also a bit unnecessary. I mean, sure we all enjoy that crap, but then again some of us just want to watch the furries bang. If you share that opinion, you should choose some of the existing poses that I will mention below. Friendly community and a forum The same shit applies to the Horse, and once I was done, I got the chance to control their fucking.

Since this is a game shared by the users, you can also choose what other users have created. As a user, you can create different positions, skins and all of that, but you are not allowed to sell anything you make. This should have been obvious, since why would you be allowed to sell something within a free game? All the riles of that shit will be listed at the beginning of the site since the game needs to be downloaded, you do not play it online. The site also offers a special forumwhere you can post your own thre, issues or whatever you want and talk to the members to resolve the given issue.

If that does not work, just contact their admin instead. As I have said, their community is friendly, so no matter what issue you have, you will always be able to resolve it, just make sure that you read the forum rules and all that crap. Those rules are not that different games like yiffalicious other forum sites, and I am sure that as a furry fan, you will fit right in.

Since the game is still developing, you should be updated on all details, aka read the release notes. Even if the game is being updated all the time, you are abler to play it without a problem. The updates just mean that they are trying to make the game better, and honestly, that is what matters the most, right? For some reason, they have an option to visit their Wiki which was fucking empty, so I am really confused as to why these l decided that that was an important thing to do?

However, I am also sure that there are some of you virgins out there who do not even know how to turn the PC on, and the Wiki is made for you. I think that that is as much as I need to say about this place and their game.

Everything about yiffalicious. So I suggest you check out their tutorial and see if that is something you would like to play or not. Keep in mind that if you games like yiffalicious not like furry pornography, you should not be here and the rest of you, just have some dirty fun.

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