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Are you a fan of mobile games based on romantic relationships? There are lots of harem games for Android and iOS in that empower you to build love relationships in various worlds and setups. Get ready to start harem games journey in ancient China, the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, and even post-apocalyptic and fantasy worlds.

Along with the romantic lines, all these games also have exciting plots and challenges you get to go through. Legend of the Phoenix Princess Connect! This is a classic harem game with a beautiful UI that will keep you entertained for a long time. As expected, the whole plot of the game is dedicated to building a love story in an ancient world. In the case of this game, all the events take place in an Asian with all its culture ad traditions. The game is all about choices you make — each one will affect the plot and change the way your story turns out just like in real life.

While moving through the levels you will meet multiple characters and get to built various relationships with them. Thus, you can make friends, enemies, lovers, and all that. Every character you get along with may help you in the future though so keep that in mind. Of course, before digging into the game itself, you get to create the main character.

It needs to be said, the game harem games major attention to the authenticity of the costumes and world in general so get ready to be amused by how elegant and sleek everything looks.

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The game is free but you may get some extra outfits or in-game currency for real money. Princess Connect harem games another harem game that empowers you to get your own way through a fantasy world. Along with the game, this one is also dedicated to the Asian culture which gives the base for the authentic world of Astraea. The game offers lots of customization options from the skin to outfits and weapons. Of course, most of them will be locked at the beginning but you will get to open them while moving through levels. Then, you will move through the levels according to the original plot.

You will meet various characters on your way and be able to build any kind of relationship with them. Therewith, each decision you make affects the way the plot will go. There will be multiple options to start a love relationship on your way but there will be battles as well. Nightmare Harem is the game that empowers you to build your love story in the world of fantasy creatures.

The whole concept of this game stands on the fact that both a demon and an angel fell in love with a human. And as you probably guess, you get to play for this lucky human. Before you start playing you also get to customize the appearance of your character by playing with different haircuts and costumes. As for the UI, the is drawn in anime style and comes with HQ graphics. There are some options you can pay for but harem games can go throughout the whole game without spending a cent. Golden Empire is a typical representative of the harem game genre.

The story takes place in the ancient Roman Empire and you get to decide which development course it will follow. The game puts you in the position of the emperor that may build towns, form armies, conquer new territories and of course get himself a love interest. The cool thing about this game is how deadly the whole world is drawn and how authentic it looks. Of course, no emperor can rule without intrigues, betrays and all that so keep that in mind.

Plus, you may pick yourself harem games one but several love interests — one to be your wife and give you heirs and all the other ones to entertain you. Another fun thing about this game is the of historical celebs you may meet on your way — from Caesar to Da Vinci. Obey Me is an anime-style harem game that grants you to build all kinds of virtual relationships.

The game takes place in a fantasy world where you get to become a master and defeat the demonic brothers. To do so, you will need to go through various training sessions and build a team. But first, you will need to create a character.

The coolest thing about this game is you may pick the gender of the character and all the possible love interests will remain the same. Therewith, you get to start any kind of relationship with them — you may become friends, enemies, or lovers. Another thing to mention is the detail of the world in this game — it feels cinematic and gives you an authentic experience.

As you can guess by the title, Be The King is the game that empowers you to become a part of a virtual empire. In the case of this game, you will find yourself an appointed magistrate of the Imperial Court that is about to collapse any time. You will be surrounded by insidious officials, corrupted nobles, and all that. And you will get to decide how to lead the court to greatness again. Therewith, you will be able to build relationships with them as you want and even find a love interest for yourself.

You may also build or alliances and work together to gain justice in the Court. You even get to have kids and raise them to follow in your footsteps and all that. The game itself is free but you may spend some coins on extra perks and stuff.

The whole game is about making your way in the Nightmares world and builds a Radiants team that may gain the leadership. Then, you may recruit these characters to be in your Radiants team. Therewith, the way you speak and behave among these characters affect the way they feel about you. And the more time you spend with them the better your relationships will be. It needs to be said, the developers of the game took the battle de quite seriously — everything harem games cool and detailed. You may also devise various strategies on how to win by coordinating your hero with other Radiants.

You may even build your dream house to rest and have guests in. The game is voiced by Asian celebs but you may only appreciate it while playing in its native language. This game takes place in the Ottoman Empire harem games all its authentic costumes, buildings, and traditions. Your goal in the game is to rule and develop the empire and lead it to glory.

Needless to say, you will be surrounded by intrigues, corruption, and other fun stuff. You will also get to pick yourself a love interest and not one. You may pick one girl to be your wife and create a harem for entertainment.

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Then, you will have heirs that you may raise as you like. Therewith, you will need to build relationships with lots of different characters from all walks of life.

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Each alliance may play a huge role in the future of your empire so think before you speak to someone. The game is free but you can donate to get extra stuff. Frankly speaking, this game is a palace simulation that empowers you to make your way to the leadership of the empire. The setting of this game is ancient China so you may already predict all these luxury interiors, fancy costumes, and all that. According to what choices you will make the next events may vary. You will need to gain followers and alliances with other people that may help you get on harem games of an empire in the future.

You will meet lots of different characters — some may become your friends and some may be enemies. And you may not stick with one — feel free to start an entire harem of women ready to spend time with you whenever you like. Therewith, you will need to pick yourself a wife to have an heir.

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And as the heirs will grow you will be able to raise them to follow in your footsteps. Emperor and Beauties is another game that empowers you to experience a life of an emperor in ancient China. Plus, as an emperor, you will e able to get yourself a full-on harem filled with women. You will be able to develop relationships with all of them and someday make one of them your wife. Then, your wife will bring heirs that you will be able to raise and teach how to behave in the world. Therewith, you will need to pay attention to government business — train armies, conquer new territories, start harem games, and all that.

You may also hire talented people from your empire to create you artifacts and all that. The same goes for your love interests — you may change their haircuts and give them fancy dresses. You may even redecorate the entire palace and start building new cities. This is a novel-based love simulator that takes place post-apocalyptic world. Your goal here is to survive along with building a love relationship. Then, you get to keep your way in this world as a part of their group. Therewith, you get to interact with all of the harem games and build various relationships with them.

You may even find yourself in a love triangle so two guys will fight for your heart.

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You will meet other characters and your relationship with them will have a major effect on the plot. Take a look! Related Articles.

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