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It is a pretty interesting story with some great graphics and I do feel it is worth taking a closer look at. It is one of those games that may not be trying anything new, but it does do what it does very well and that is midnight paradise game you can really ask for in my opinion. Keep on reading to see if this is a game that is going to tickle your fancy! The main character is a dude called Connor and he is a bit of a bro who just lives life the way he wants and does not really care about his future.

Things take a turn when he flunks out of college and is forced to return home with his strict dad and siblings and try to figure out his life. I found the story to be rather slow-paced, but that is actually a pretty good thing. There are many characters in this game and they are all quite well written so you will be glad it goes a bit slower so you can take it all in.

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It can be a bit hard to keep track of, but that I think could make or break the story for you. The gameplay on offer here is right around what you would expect in a lewd visual novel.

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What I think is pretty neat about this is that it takes many elements from various visual novel games. By this I mean the game has a bit of incest going on, but there is also harem style stuff and corruption elements too.

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Rather than focusing on just one thing, this game dabbles in many and I like it. This game has some great-looking characters and there is a ton of great little details that make them come to life. There is some great animation on offer here and way more than I thought there would be.

Some of the sex scenes are very well done and way hotter thanks to there being animation. I need to put my critical hat on for a second though. While the characters look great and the animated sex scenes certainly got my motor running. I do have to say that the faces of the characters could have done with having some animation to them as this would have made things even better in my opinion.

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I am not usually someone who gets into the whole incest thing in lewd visual novels, but it was done very well here. I know that it starts off slow, but this is by de and I feel the game is actually way better for it. If you like lewd visual novels that are smart, well written, and have some great sex in them, you have to check this one out. Browse games Game Portals. Midnight Paradise.

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Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downlo Screenshots Overall rating: 9.

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Download Midnight Paradise. Lewd Island.

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Midnight paradise game

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