Mirror sakuragame patch

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Discussion Reviews First Prev 4 of 26 Go to. Jul 29, 3 0. My game softlocked about an hour in.

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I beat the zombie and didn't unlock anyone else, when I repeat the H it locks at the end of the H, when I win more fights it locks at the end of the fight. Beware you might softlock your game at some point, unless there's a fix.

Nov 30, 8 0. Aug 22, 72 Aug 11, 11 4. I bought this game on Steam thinking it would be anything like Hell Girls but the content and gameplay are both lacking, got bored by the time I reached third girl. Still in Early Access though, and definitely worth the price.

Reactions: Maericke. Greugreu Newbie. Nov 12, 73 Game just been updated with 4th Girl Some of you experienced black screen after our last update. We are currently trying mirror sakuragame patch best to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll get it fixed ASAP. Maericke Active Member. Aug 5, Reactions: yungsw. Jun 2, 6, 48, Greugreu said:. Game just been updated with 4th Girl. Last edited: Dec 8, Yup, I don't know why Sakura Games doesn't the uncensor patch elsewhere with the update.

Maybe when the game will be finished? Reactions: ponyguy. Update: - New version came out. This is merely the hotfix for the problem about the "black screen" so as of now, I'm able to play once again the H-scene with each and every girl. However, there's no uncensored patch right now so I won't update the game links for the time being. Also, for those of you that need some sort of help for obtaining the two endings for each girls, In the OP there's a Walkthrough, taken directly from a guide on Steam.

Jun 6, Right now the 4 girl dragon was censored? Yes, because the game is released and updated on Steam.

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They didn't release new uncensored patch? Seems that However, since seeing the video you need to download an. Maybe it's really un uncensoring, but sadly, I'm not trusting it too much. If anyone wants to try, I can the 1.

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For the patch, then, here it is links are in the description. Last edited: Dec 15, Reactions: brynhildr.

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New girl Dragon Maid is properly uncensored. But the patch partially uncensor girls, Dark Elf has the bunny on her crotch during first phase of discipline and Zombie girls has flowers on nipples during Jewel fight when clothes are destroyed. May 17, 68 Kudram Newbie. Dec 26, 52 Full version apparently to be released by the end of January.

Might wish to update the tags though: one of the scenes features Guro. Not something I particularly was waiting for. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Mirror sakuragame patch

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