My little pony sim game

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The game is still in early development, and is being programmed in the C language and being built in the Unity3D game engine.

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We plan to release early testing builds as we progress, so the game would be early access. These builds, including the final game will be free, and will not generate any profit.

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In The Ponies, you will be given the power to create your very own ponies, including earth ponies, unicorns and pegasi; and are in charge of controlling their lives. You get to choose their interactions which affect their future. Expand their relationships with other ponies to make friends or foe.

Build up their skills to help them function better in the world and in their careers. Build their homes and even the everyday places they visit. Take control of their every move, whether that ends up taking them through a successful happy life, or makes them a complete train wreck.

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Everything is up to you. Yes, this project is legal. With this however, we do not plan on distributing any copyrighted material.

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This project is non-commercial, and is simply a fan-game, only inspired by the described des, and emulates the formula of life simulation games. We will also have new locations that are playable in the game.

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These may have a level of resemblance to some show locations, but their names and general representation will be different entirely. You can visit our public Discord channelor you can also via our contact form.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(224) 996-3212 x 2459

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