Roll the dice sex game

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Sexy Dice is a fun and romantic adult game to bring back foreplay into your couple life.

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Just roll the dice and do what ever it says The idea come from a Simpson episod. Homer and Marge play with a sex dice game. Of course, it becomes a catastrophe. Homer got this combination : Lick - Eyes, Spank - Hair. Last but not least : Whisper into - Ass. Despite being hilarious, we decide to solve this problem with an online dice where this combination are not posssible.

Not exactly. Our website is totaly adapted for mobile and we use the latest innovation in webde. Thanks to this technology, Android and iOS users can access to this website like a native app. We create sexy dice to improve sexual life of couples. We want to do that in an erotic way, not vulgar. Yes, of course. Free because we did this website just by pleasure to developp it. Furthermore, it's totally discreet because you don't have to download an app. The classic and food dice is pretty gender neutral. We know that the kamasutra is not but we would like to make it better.

If you have illsurations, please send us an. Currently, you can play 3 online dices : classic edition, gourmand and kamasutra positions. Each theme explore a new flavor to have great sex. But Stay tuned, new stuff will come. Invite your partner. Menu Sexy Dice. Home Classic Gourmand Kamasutra Shop. About Sexy-dice. Free Game Our website is online and totally free of charge.

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Nice, isn't it? FAQ 1. How Sexy Dice started? Is there a mobile application? Why do you create this webapp? Is it totally free and secure? Is the game gay friendly?

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How many board do you create?

Roll the dice sex game

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Roll the sex dice & spice up your foreplay