Sex based text games

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Be ready for a surprisingly sexy and deep experience while playing this fetish-focused title. What with so much of adult entertainment focused on making the experience more and more ultra-realistic, from super-high definition to totally immersive virtual reality, it often seems that the erotic power of the written word has tragically fallen by the wayside.

Racing in a good way, that is. Welcome to Hard Times In Hornstown [NSFW] : a place where your imagination goes hand in hand, as well as other sensual body parts, with engaging storytelling—and might even be a sex based text games to usher in a whole new renaissance for this classic form of erotic entertainment.

Created by someone calling themselves Unlikely, Hornstown is pretty obviously a labor of love. What this means is that to get every possible interaction with even some of the thousands of characters could take you a really long time. Which is, frankly, as fun as it is impressive: Hornstown is not just an erotic experience but also one that can be played over and over and over again just to see what kinky experiences your characters can get into. As Hornstown is a text-based experience, playing it is as easy as firing up the browser of your choice.

Unless, of course, you find yourself completely stuck. Getting into Hornstown is quite easy and totally free. To get the ball rolling, you create your character—including things like hair color, clothing, and so forth—and then pick your beginning circumstances, like having less experience but more money in your beginning bank. As this is a text-based game, most of your adventures will be written rather than shown, but Unlikely puts in just enough 3D explicit images to liven things up. Pretty immediately, I was impressed by how the game handled orientation.

This fluid approach means that dynamics can change as well, with submissive, dominant, and everything in between popping up in some rather pleasantly unexpected places. While it does have some consequences for decisions, the focus is predominantly on having a good time and seeing what kinky encounters may lie around what seem to be some pretty innocuous corners. Case in point, and minor spoilers ahead: worrying about needing to find work, I ed up for a drug-testing program in which my character ended up involuntarily having their sex changed.

Gender roles, kink dynamics, fetish transformations, and more can also be had by making certain choices. As this appears to be a one-person operation, the fairly standard quality of the scattered images, as well as the sometimes less-than-inspired writing, is understandable. The game, although massive, does appear to have an unfortunately narrow viewpoint when it comes to certain sexual behaviors, and some players might find some characters more distressing than appealing.

The same is true about language, with words popping up here and there that might furrow more than a few eyebrows. The only major thing that threw me personally involved consent. Characters would act without it, such as with the medical testing thread, which made me less excited and more disturbed. There is no excuse for this. What was even more exciting than the game itself is that the success of it, as well as other text-based adventures, might encourage others to take the genre and run with it.

Then mix in some other media, such as animations, mini-games, or even placing parts of the game experience in the real world through augmented reality, and this form of erotic entertainment could be more than impressive and possibly even awe-inspiring. Beyond this though, Hornstown and other text-based experiences are important in that they have, in their own unique way, returned adult entertainment to the power not of visual immersiveness but of imagination: here is a place where your wildest kinky fantasies live out not just in front of your eyes but in your mind as well.

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Sex based text games

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