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Your younger stepsister. She's living with you and her mom Avain the meanwhile attending the local university. Feisty and confrontational, she loves doing things her way, not minding the rules and taboos whenever it suits her. That said, she can be a bit childish and capricious in her demeanor. Mixing her personality with serums can prove to be a very turbulent experience, if you don't make sure beforehand that your willpower is higher than hers.

At random times when you and Dakota are at home together, she can invite you to watch a movie with her. This will improve your relationship and also give you an opportunity to use a serum on her. If you go to the living room in the evening when both Ava and Dakota are at home, you will watch some TV together.

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At base level, this scene has no impact. The scene can go further with the use of serums and depending on your state and relationship with each girl. At random times when you and Dakota are at home together, you can stumble upon each other in the stairway, where Dakota will trip and fall. If you lean and "accidentally" kiss her, your relationship will decrease.

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To progress this scene, you need sufficient serum and corruption level. At random times when you and Dakota are at home together, she might ask you to help her studying. If you agree, your relationship will improve. The scene can go further with the use of serums. At random times when you and Dakota are at home together, you might hear a scream from her room. If you go and try investigating without having reached the first level of serum corruption, she will shoo you out of there.

At random times when you and Dakota are at home together, you might catch a glimpse of her changing in her room. If you choose to stay and watch, she will catch you and your relation will deteriorate. If you sneak around Dakota's room, you will discover that her computer has a webcam installed.

This gives you an option to set up your own computer to be able to remotely turn it on and stream the video.

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After setting this up in your room, you need to sneak into Dakota's room one more time and confirm it on her computer's end. After that, at random times when you and Dakota are at home together, you might notice her bringing home Chloe. You can then choose to watch the action from your room on your computer. There is currently only one dosing path for Dakota, though branching paths are in development.

All options for each level of dosing must currently be completed before moving on to the next level. You can currently only dose Dakota when she's alone at home in the living room, and most weekdays she's never there weekends she will ; this makes fully dosing her theoretically a slower process than every character but Ms.

Dee, but unlike Ms. Dee, there is no upper limit on the of eventual opportunities you will have to dose her. After finishing the main serum tree and discovering MCS-X in your lab, you can choose to administer it to Dakota. MCS-X has massive, irreversible impact on a character, so think twice before going through with it. If you influence Dakota to act like a porn-star, you will get several consecutive events, spanning over a week or so. One night you will walk into Dakota watching porn in the living room.

When you sit on the couch with her, she will reenact a porn shoot with you, treating you according to your state. Some days later, you will again meet her in the living room, this time in a company of many men. She will shove a camera in your hand and order you to record her gangbang, after which you can expect your reward to be not much more than a sensual, salty kiss. Later on, Dakota will meet with her friend Samantha, inviting you over to watch her first semi-professional porn shoot. After that, Dakota and Samantha take off together, ready to begin their porn-star careers.

This eliminates Dakota from the game and locks all Ava's scenes that require Dakota to occur. If you influence Dakota to act like a puppy, the result will be exactly what you could expect. She will no longer be able to speak, and her promiscuity will drift away from hung men to more Most of her the company sex game will no longer be accessible. The Company Wiki Explore.

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The company sex game

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