The mating season game

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Wander the Forest. Meet cute animals. Get them to mate. See their beautiful babies grow. Some animals are in love with a special someone.

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Mating Season was created by a super-group of indie devs from 4 different continents, who came together for Agility - a Game Jam Performancein Print Screen Festival and then in Intimadance Festivalin the summer of You can about the performance in the complete summary press kitand in our Facebook s:. Log in with itch. The visuals look familiar, perhaps I've seen it in a games magazine as But no, we didn't think too much about games when conceptualizing MS.

The inspiration came from the theme of Print Screen Festival, where we created the game. You can about it via the links in the game description here. If anything, the game was originally conceived as something more akin to David OReilly's Everything, but with breeding mechanics instead of embodiment mechanics. During the jam we let the art style that developed influence the gameplay and simplify it, and this is the result.

Mating Season.

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A downloadable game for Windows and macOS. You are the matchmaker. More information. Install instructions Unzip, open executable file. Download Download Mating Season v1.

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Comments Log in with itch. SacredSpirit 2 years ago. Have you heard of the game Spore?

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It'd be nice to see a fuller game with this concept! SecretCode 3 years ago. Shalev Moran 3 years ago.

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SecretCode 3 years ago 1 edit. Very cool!

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On it! Our dev is busy tonight so we'll prob have the build here in a couple of days :. WindowsmacOS. AnimalsartgameCuteExperimentalIsometricrelationship. KeyboardMouseGamepad anySmartphone.

The mating season game

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