Vicious circle game

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To break from those patterns is difficult, challenging, and risky. What is Vicious Circle? When you first start playing it all kind of seems to make sense. You play as one of four alien mercenaries who enters a deadly arena to collect Nuggets.

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Each mercenary type has its own unique weapon and ability, settling into the usual tropes of default shooter, heavy weapon specialist, and so on. Collect enough nuggets and evacuation zones will spawn. This is where the uncooperative part comes in, with four mercenaries vying for these nuggets and the exit all at the same time. Vicious Circle is both a semi but not really coop shooter and also an asymmetrical multiplayer game ala Evolve and Dead by Daylight. One player takes this role on just as in other 4v1 experiences. Each of these ideas is full of potential, but neither comes together well on its own, and especially not when put together.

On paper, it all makes sense. Four players enter, all with the same goal.

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And the reward for defeating her is simply more nuggets and a few seconds escape from constant danger. So in the end you have four players all running around doing similar things, but rarely interacting. The biggest way Vicious Circle forces its uncooperative nature onto the player is in the evac zone. Also, by the end most human players will have already switched teams. Upon death each mercenary will watch a far too long cutscene where they transition into the form of a Lil Dipper.

These tiny, fast moving creatures are now uncooperating with Peggy Sue, going after the mercenaries and trying to kill them. If you manage to do this you then take over their body, switching teams again and stealing all that hard-fought progress from that player.

Once you become a Lil Dipper you instead just swarm the surviving players trying to take over their body, prompting a lot of vicious circle game gameplay and tedious respawning.

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Moving around as a Lil Dipper is actually quite fun, with interesting and easy to control movement mechanics like the grapple. You move fast, but are easily killed. You respawn quickly, so the rest of the round pretty much consists of you spawning, running at the closest enemy, trying to take them over, dying, repeat.

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But the elephant in the room is actually the chicken, who has a one-hit KO move and tons of other ways of ending up the victor. If some crazy, random stuff happened you may have gotten a laugh or two, but most games sort of just whimper away with a splash screen for the .

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It does do many things better than anticipated though, especially with the visuals. The character and world des are excellent, and the maps are nice as well. And for fans of the Rooster Teeth brand as a whole the voice cast is a total triumph, though the sound mixing could use a bit of work overall.

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The game feels like a big ball of differing ideas rather than a coherent whole.

Vicious circle game

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Rooster Teeth Announces First Original IP Video Game, ‘Vicious Circle’